Shaggy, Elementree Livity Project rock Thompson House on a chilly November night


Grammy Award-winning artist Shaggy brought memories from the early 2000s back into people’s minds by returning to the music forefront at a recent show at the Thompson House in Newport, Ky.

Jamaican-born reggae superstar Shaggy featured a whole slew of new tunes off his newest album “Out of Many, One Music.” A few of those newer songs bring back a flood of memories from the days of “Angel” or “It Wasn’t Me.” It certainly wouldn’t surprise me to start hearing Shaggy songs back on the radio soon.

Shaggy still has an amazing stage presence and certainly had the crowd “Turn’t Up” throughout the show. SEE MORE IMAGES FROM THE SHOW

The support act was one of the best parts of the show. Cincinnati, Ohio-based reggae-rock-jamband Elementree Livity Project got the crowd bouncing early on with a blistering set of original music, with a few catchy covers mixed in. Highlights included a new song called “Rising” which certain has the crowds spirits and dancing shows rising.

Elementree Livity Project features former Ohms frontman David “Elementree” Danforth on vocals and rhythm guitar, Bean Bastin on lead guitar and backing vocals, Michael Walker on bass, Stephen Buttree on keyboards, saxophone and backing vocals, and Cisco Hughes on drums. SEE MORE IMAGES FROM THE SHOW

Elementree Livity Project announced that they will be releasing their first CD on Feb. 6 at the Thompson House with a special Bob Marley Birthday Celebration Tribute set that will include members from The Cliftones and the Know Prisoners.


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